Thursday, July 12, 2007

Weigh In - 7/11/2007

My weigh-in day for Weight Watchers is Wednesday. I weighed in at 223.5. The slider rounds up to 2 pounds lost, but it was really a pound and a half.

I remember when I did WW years ago and there was a big 6 pound loss, followed by 4 the next week. I knew I wouldn't see that this time, since I had already been losing weight, but I sure wish I had. It is such a nice boost.

A healthy weight loss is considered 1-2 pounds per week, so I guess I am doing well.

Press on, I say.

At that rate, I would meet my goal by this time next year. Instead of 75 To Go, I would be 75 Gone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Checking In

I'm still here and I'm still fat, but I'm also still on Weight Watchers, which is a good thing.

Today marks the last day of my first week and I have successfully stuck to the program. The Weight Watchers online is very, very cool, if you're into that sort of thing - gadgets, gizmos, technology, you know.

I weight in tomorrow, but I just started my period, so I am keeping my expectations low.

One thing that I have learned in doing this is that my diet is actually pretty good. In fact, if I had been eating this way all along, I would not have gotten fat. I wish had I learned sooner. Oh, well.

My problem is that I lived in excess so long that now there must be a period of deficiency to restore balance. I hate deficiency when it comes to eating.

At least I gotten away from the excess on my own over the course of the last year. I am feeling really good about that.

My advice, since you asked, is to start small. If you eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast, try cutting out one of each. Or one of one. Just cut back on something. Then, when you are used to that, cut back something else.

That is how I started and I lost 15-20 pounds over the course of a year doing only that.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Afternoon Munchies

You know you are on a diet when you have the munchies and pickles look like a good snack.

You may have read that getting enough sleep is important for good weight loss. Well, I can attest to that. I am really, really tired and all of the sudden, I got the munchies - bad.

My body thinks I need energy, when I really just need a good nap.

My suggestion: brew up a pitcher of unsweetened iced tea to drink as a no-calorie afternoon pick-me-up.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Weight Watchers - Day 1

No, I am not going to list a WW update every day, but I wanted to say that today was my first day on the program and it went very well. I saved points for the times of day that I know I get the hungries and tried to stick to low points foods the rest of the day.

I did not feel deprived or hungry at all.

I even ended the day with a small bowl of ice cream!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Plan

Change of plans.

My knee is really bothering me and I am very stressed out about it. I decided that I need to jump start my weight loss by joining Weight Watchers online. I'm processing my sign-up right now, as I type.

Here's my revised plan:
  • Follow Weight Watchers
  • Aim for 35 grams of fiber/day
  • Aim for one glass of water per hour
  • Do floor exercises that do not bother knee and hand weights daily.
I decided that Pilates was too much to start with, but I was talking to a friend who saw a show about really obese people and they mad mobility issues, so they had to do exercises in bed.

Anything is better than nothing, so I decided that on days that my knee really hurts, I will do weights and other exercises from my chair.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Week One Focus

Okay, this is my first week of this lifestyle overhaul project I have started. Here my my goals for this week:
  • Eat 35 grams of fiber per day.
  • Continue to make smart food choices, ie lower fat/calories.
  • Drink lots of water, at least 1 glass per hour.
  • Do Pilates video at least twice
Ideally, I will work in some walking, but my knee has been killing me lately. I am still on the lookout for some good exercises to do with my knee injury, but I figured I could start with the Pilates video I already own.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


It's rather ironic that I decided to name this blog "75 To Go" because when I was thinking about starting this project, I decided that I would not focus on weight loss goals.

I think goals are the wrong way to look at weight loss.

If I want to make permanent changes - which I need to in order to maintain the loss - I need to view these as long-term, permanent lifestyle changes, not something that is only temporary, until I reach my goal.

Milestones, on the other hand, are okay.

One milestone for me will be when I get below 200.

Another will be when I am finally overweight - no longer obese.

Losing 75 will be another milestone because I will finally be in the healthy weight zone, but I will not stop there. I might stay there, but I will not stop.

I will continue with my healthy habits for as long as I live.

At least, that's the goal.

My Catch-22

Recently, my husband and I got rid of one of our vehicles and became a one car family. Since I am home with the three kids all day, I figured this was good because we would be able to walk places and I would lose more weight than I was able to with only my small dietary changes.

Great plan, except that I injured my knee a couple of months ago and, since I am so fat, it is taking a long time to heal. When we do walk, I have to stay off it for the next day or so.

I am in a Catch-22 now; my knee won't heal until I lose weight, but I can't lose weight (by walking) until my knee heals. Lovely.

Now I need to figure out an exercise plan that will fit with my injury.

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay, let me tell you a little about me.

I have been fat pretty much my whole life. Although, I would give anything to be as fat as I was in ninth grade at 135 lbs. Or as fat as I was in college at 161 lbs. The point is, I have always been a fat chick.

It's just that now I am a fatter chick. Especially after having three kids.

I can't really use that excuse because I lost all of the weight I gained with baby number three - only to put it and 33 more pounds on!

I topped out at 240 last summer, then decided to make some changes. It worked a little, since I am down to 225, but I need to do more. Much more.

Speaking of more, I will share more later. For now I have to go.

Weigh In - 6/29/2007

I am not going to live by the scale, but I will weigh in from time to time - probably weekly.
I plan to post the results with this handy-dandy tracker from 3 fat chicks on a diet.